Woman Smokes Cannabis in Police Chief’s Parking Space

Even in places where cannabis is more accepted, most people are smart enough not to flaunt their use, especially not in front of the police. But for one woman, smoking in front of the police was no issue, to the point that she lit up in a police chief’s parking lot.

According to Newsday, earlier this month, a woman in Long Island drove her Jeep to a justice court to answer a summons for possession of cannabis. When she got there, she was talking on her cell phone, and cut off an unmarked police car as she was driving in the parking lot.

The car belonged to the chief of police, and the woman was cutting him off so she could pull into his parking spot, a spot clearly marked “for police vehicles only.” When approached about this, the woman rolled down the window to reveal a cloud of pot smoke. She was also smoking a joint in the car.

The New York Post reports that she was then issued another summons for possession of cannabis. Now when she returns to court, she will have to answer both charges.

This extreme behavior serves as a cautionary tale: don’t roll up a joint and smoke it in the parking spot of your local police chief!

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