What's up OutLaws!

Hey Outlaws! I have been part of many forums and my favorite was The Canna Cabana if any one here is familiar!
So I am wanting to leave Los Angeles. I'm sick of the Rat Race here and I have also been sick of a lot of California's Bull Shit.
My family has moved to Arizona, where mostly mountains are. I want to move and get a couple acres... or something but I need someone to grow for, extract for or make some amazing edibles in gummies or any kind of baking as to I have access to tons of food grade thc isolate and cbd isolate as well. I have been wanting to make the move for a long time...and I wanted to know what you patients in Arizona have to go through to get your crops off. I know if I met the right person we could have Gardens full of amazing genetics I have been saving and building for years as a 17 year grower, clone broker and clone expert, pheno hunter, Edible Guru, Crude Extraction etc...i can do it all. I also make sure I never use any banned chemicals or anything that can hurt someone in any way. I prefer Treating my crop from baby's through flowering with Dr Zymes...or a water based spray which is basically the same as Dr Zymes a friend of mine makes called Big Time Exterminator which is 110% water based and safe for lab testing. I really want to move to Arizona and if anyone needs a good grower or any of the above please contact me. I can bring a lot to the table AZ...so hit me up! I want to leave L.A.!
Nice to meet you all and I look forward to get to know you all!!!

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