Race War

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Another white cop was shot in cold blood by a black guy.  Why are there no riots, marches, looting, fires, gangs? Where are those two dickbrains Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson when the shoe is on the other foot?  When is America going to get it straight?  People are people, good and bad in every race. The riots are caused by the dumb ass politicians and instigators. Everyone needs to smoke a joint and calm down. 


  • I hear you papabear sure not like the old days when people had respect foe one another. but hey still the greatest country in the world..hope things are good with. smoke one for cheers......

  • To be honest I believe they are smoke screens, because the Illuminati are trying to put a new world order in place and these are distractions, and there are Satanist who work for the police dept, judges , and lawyers so we are in the end times, as far as being the greatest country, I dont think so, if you call creating a country on mass murder of indians, enslaving black people for 400 yrs and only 50yrs ago the government decides integration and 30yrs ago integration in South Africa, where all of Africa is robbed for its natural resources, and the Japanese , Jews, and Indians were paid some form of reparation and the blacks got zero. So to me to right a wrong is to deal with the facts and not candy coat and sweep aside the reality's of peoples lives, you dont free people with nothing and tell them to get a education and you can liberate the entire race of people , the education itself puts mass murder killers as heros, because they scalped indians. those were the terrorist.

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