Best Stoner Pranks for April Fools’ Day

Anyone can appreciate a creative, well-crafted prank that doesn’t harm anyone, and what is more inspirational than weed that gets the creative juices flowing? If you’re looking for some hilarious stoner pranks to try this April Fools’ Day, this list is for you.

Stoner Prank #1 | Weed or Weeds
If you’re sharing with close friends, consider swapping out weed for grass. Make sure your bag is rolled up when you hand it to them, and wait to see how long it takes for your friends to realize they’ve just been pranked.

In addition to making sure you have a real bag to give them (you want to be funny, not mean), it’s best to reserve this type of prank for your close friends. Not everyone would be a great sport about this one.

Stoner Prank #2 | Open All Cabinets And Drawers
Treat yourself to a few bong hits, and then head into your friend’s kitchen for some April Fools’ Day shenanigans.

Open all of the drawers and cabinets you can find. Then, go back to where you all are and act like nothing happened. Wait for your friend to go into the kitchen to grab some munchies, and try your best not to burst out laughing.

Tell them all sorts of ridiculous ideas, like: Ghosts, aliens, the Terminator, Cheech and Chong, The Dude, or anything else you come up with.

They’ll figure out pretty quick that you did it, but this stoner prank is sure to be priceless.

Stoner Prank #3 | Glue a Quarter to the Floor
This classic stoner prank is an old one, but it’s definitely a good one that virtually guarantees abdominal-burn from all the laughter. Super glue a quarter to the floor, and try not to laugh as they keep scrambling to pick it up.

The more baked your friends are, the the longer it will take for them to catch on. So, be sure to get them really stoned first.

glue a quarter to the floor
How do you keep a stoner busy? Glue a quarter to the floor.

Stoner Prank #4 | Change Your Friend’s Phone Contacts
This hilarious stoner prank is a great one to pull this April Fools, and your friends will sure be hard-pressed to beat it.

When your friend isn’t looking, swipe their phone and change your name to their mom’s. Send a text to your friend that says something like, “I found marijuana in your room. Come home NOW.”

Watch your friend flip out for a few moments, and then mercifully reveal that it was really you who was texting them.

Evil? Probably.

Brilliant? Definitely.

best stoner pranks
What are YOUR best stoner pranks for April Fools’ Day? Share ’em down in the comments!

Stoner Prank #5 | Bait-And-Switch
If you’ve got someone in your group who’s fairly new to smoking weed, this will be a great stoner prank for April Fools’ Day.

Make and serve them some regular ol’ brownies, but tell them they’re some super strong pot brownies. Make sure you take some bong hits or smoke a couple joints beforehand. This way, you’ll look and act believably high while your friend(s) is waiting for the brownies to ‘kick in.’

Placebo effects are definitely real, so don’t be surprised if they start acting just as high as you without knowing they’re totally sober!

Stoner Prank #6 | Switch Up Their Autocorrect
This is a hilarious stoner prank for April Fools’ Day, but it is probably best done on a partner or best friend. It takes a bit of time, and you’ll need to be on their phone.

Change the settings in their phone, so it will autocorrect a common word to something funny. For example, you could set the phone to autocorrect “So” to “googly eyes.”

For iOS users, go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
Under shortcut enter the word you want autocorrected. Make sure it’s a common word, or this stoner prank for April Fools’ Day is going to turn into a stoner prank for Independence Day. Now, type the funny word under phrase.

For Android users, do it by: Notifications > Settings > Language > Personal Dictionary
Then, press the plus sign and type in the new word.

This is one super easy stoner prank for April Fools’ Day, but it pays off huge in the end. The more absurd the new word or phrase, the better!

Stoner Prank #7 | Decapitated Head

Picture of Head in a Jar Prank
This head in a jar is one of the best stoner pranks for April Fools’ Day . . . Or anytime, really

First of all, don’t freak out.

Next, this is a great stoner prank for April Fool’s Day if you still live at home, have roommates, or live with a partner. Just picture it: Your happy-go-lucky, unsuspecting roommate opens the fridge to reveal his super rad roommate’s head in a jar!

The mental image is enough to get the giggles going. Just wait until it happens for real!

Stoner Prank #8 | Eating Pudding From a Mayo Jar
This sounds like a weird stoner prank for April Fools’, but it’s absolutely brilliant.

Thoroughly wash a mayo jar and then fill it with vanilla pudding. Store it in your fridge before having friends over. Then, when you all get super baked, just go ahead and casually pull out the ‘mayo’ and start eating straight from the container with a spoon.

Feign confusion when they look disgusted, and offer them a spoonful.

Find a great stoner prank for April Fools’ Day: Mission Accomplished.

Stoner Prank #9 | Flip Their Computer
Well, not their physical computer. Just the display.

This is another super easy stoner prank for April Fools’ Day that is totally harmless.

When your target takes a computer break to use the bathroom or whatever, plop down in their seat and hit Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow to flip their display upside down. (Click here if you’re on a Mac)

It will probably take them awhile to figure it out, giving you plenty of laughs. The solution is simple: Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow , but this is one genius stoner prank for April Fools’ Day.

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